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Carabiner Snap Hook Machine

Automatic Carabiner Snap Hook Spring Making Machine

Automatic Carabiner Snap Hook Spring Making Machine is used to make pressure springs for the carabiner snap Hooks. Pressure springs are mechanical devices designed to store energy ...
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Automatic Carabiner Snap Hook Spring Making Machine is used to make pressure springs for the carabiner snap Hooks. Pressure springs are mechanical devices designed to store energy when compressed and release it when the applied force is removed, returning to their original shape.

The process of making pressure springs involves several steps, and an automatic machine streamlines the production process, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Here’s a general overview of how a pressure spring making machine might work:

  1. Material Feeding: The machine starts by feeding the raw material, usually steel wire or other spring-grade materials, into the machine. The wire is typically supplied in coils or spools.
  2. Wire Straightening and Cutting: The steel wire is straightened and cut to the required length by the machine. This ensures that the springs are made with precise dimensions.
  3. Spring Forming: The straightened and cut wire is then sent through a series of forming tools and mechanisms that shape the wire into the desired spring configuration. The machine can be programmed to create various types and sizes of pressure springs.
  4. Coiling: For pressure springs, the machine coils the formed wire to create the cylindrical shape characteristic of compression springs.
  5. Automation and Control: The machine is typically fully automated and controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) or computer system. This automation allows for continuous production with minimal manual intervention.

It’s important to note that the design and features of pressure spring-making machines may vary according to different size or shape spring.


Specification of Snap Hook Pressure Spring Making Machine

Model RM-PS08
Wire Diameter 0.15-0.8mm
Max Spring Outer Diameter 20mm
Speed 100-200pcs/min
Cam instruction value 土0.1’-土359.9°
Wire feed servo motor 1.0KW
Cam sero motor 1.0KW
Power supply 220V 50HZ Single Phase
Dimension 1000*950*1600mm
Weighi 350KG

Working Video of Carabiner Snap Hook Spring Making Machine

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